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Friday, December 29, 2023

How to Choose a Best Nursing School or College in India?

How to Choose a Best Nursing School or College in India
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Do you want to be a nurse and searching for the best nursing school or college in India? But don't know which one will be best and suitable for you. We are here to find the best nursing institution for you. Before choosing a nursing college, you have to evaluate whether the college has the  qualities of a best college or not.

Here are some qualities which are common for the best nursing schools and colleges. Make these qualities as a checklist and compare it with the school or college which you want to choose.

1. INC approval status -

INC (Indian Nursing Council) which organise and maintain the whole nursing system of India, includes nursing education, nursing schools and colleges, nursing certification, nursing rules and regulations.

INC recognized schools and colleges are standard and suitable for the nursing education. Evey year INC assess the nursing institutions and make a list of approved institutions. The INC approved institutions lists are available in their website.

So, before nursing school or college admission you must check the INC institutions list and check for the school or college name which you preferred. INC approval is very important and essential for your career way also helps during nursing registration.

You must check the list by yourself because some institutions may advertise as a INC approved but they may not be in the current year INC institutions list.

2. Clinical practice and hospital facilities -

Clinical practice and hospital facilities are most important for the nursing students. Nursing is not only based on a theoretical curriculum but it has a major role on practical experience of clinical fields. Nursing schools and colleges teach the practical nursing skills through the hospitals. 

So, check for the hospital facilities of the college or school. A nursing college or school should have a multi specialty hospital where the students can practice. It is better for the institution and students, if the institutions have their own multi specialty hospital. Own hospital attached colleges have more opportunities to learn and practice. But if the institutions have not their own hospital, they should affiliate to the another multi specialty hospital.

3. Lab facilities -

You must check that your preferred nursing school or college has adequate classrooms and clinical labs. Along with the labs rooms, the institution should have enough instruments and facilities to demonstrate the procedures and equipments properly. 

According to INC (Indian Nursing Council) the institutions should have separate anatomy and physiology lab, community lab, nutrition lab, nursing foundations lab, maternity lab and pediatric lab. Each laboratories should have adequate area and required instruments and equipments.

Always remember that the best colleges have high quality labs and equipments. Labs are performed as a demonstration class and it helps you to understand the anatomy and physiology, nursing procedures, medical instruments so clearly.

4. Library facilities -

How to Choose a Best Nursing School or College in India
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Nursing education has a huge curriculum and needs lots of reference books for an effective learning. But it is not possible to get various authors reference books, journals and magazines without a library.

The best colleges should have a large library and have huge books on each specialty. According to Indian Nursing Council, the nursing institutions should have at least 5000 books of various authors and various specialties. The library should have lots of journals of both national and international. 

The library should have adequate area for studying the books, proper lighting and ventilation, online reference system and noise free area.

5. Hostel facilities -

Before the admission you must check that the institution has hostel facility or not. The best nursing schools and colleges have a safe and suitable hostel for the students. Also you must make sure that the hostel is near the college or not.

According to the Indian Nursing Council, the nursing institutions should have separate hostel for boys and girls. Hostel should have the facility of mess or canteen for nutritional meals. Apart from that hostel should have continuous water supply facility and enough toilets for each floor. It must have guests room or visitors room.

The hostel environment should have enough lighting and ventilation, neat and clean rooms and floors, bedding, electricity and security system. The each rooms of the hostel should have enough space for the students.

6. Adequate and experienced faculty -

An adequate and experienced faculty makes the institutions more organised and successful. The best nursing colleges have enough faculty on each specialty and you must check it before the admission.

According to the Indian Nursing Council the nursing institutions should have enough faculty for the each specialty. The standard ratio is one faculty for the 10 students on each specialty. The institutions must have nursing principal with post graduation and at least one year of experience, vice principal, clinical tutors, teaching Staffs and librarians.

7. Class rooms -

The nursing institutions should have enough number of class rooms to become the best nursing institution. The institution should have separate class room for each course. The classroom area may vary based on the number of students but it should have adequate area for at least 40 students. 

You must check that classrooms are comfortable or not. The classrooms should have adequate light, well ventilated, noise free, electric system and it should be well furnished. 

8. Teaching objects -

The best nursing colleges have enough materials to make the learning very simple. Especially for the nursing education, it is more effective if you can learn from audiovisual methods. Because of this the best nursing institutions always provide adequate audiovisual objects of various specialty for the students.

The best colleges arrange the audiovisual aids for the students such as anatomical charts, nutritional diet chart, community health exhibition, charts of disease transmission, nursing foundations charts and much more. Remember that the best institutions invest lot of money for these to ensure the interesting and effective learning.

9. Auditorium -

The best college should have an large auditorium for the cultural programmes, special meeting and special teaching programmes. If the college is the best for nursing education, you can expect for it. Because students need lot of cultural activities for recreation and need educational discussion with teachers and external medical professionals.

10. Job opportunities -

Job opportunities are most important and essential for each and every student and the best institutions take responsibility to provide job opportunities to students. So, before you choose a nursing college make sure that they will provide suitable job opportunities.

Few colleges don't take responsibilities about the students job placement. You can skip these types of colleges and choose another College because it is difficult to get a suitable job for the just passed out students as most of the hospitals seek for experienced nurses.

11. Availability of preferred course -

It is especially for the post graduate students, who are going to study on a particular specialty. So, before you choose a college make sure that the college has the specialty that you preferred. Generally best colleges provide most of the specialty for the students but once you check that the college is suitable for your preferred specialty or not.

For the under graduate students, you can choose a college where you can study your both under graduation course and post graduation course because it looks more comfortable rather than changing a college. But you may change the college if you find a better college for your preferred specialty.

   We hope that you got an idea about how to choose a best nursing school or college. Follow this checklist and compare with your preferred institutions and start your successful  nursing career. All the best for you from Nurses Class Team.