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Thursday, May 07, 2020

10 Ways to Boost Your Memory - Nurses Class

Brain boost
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Are you thinking something about this article? or is this really possible to boost my memory power?
According to research it is true that you can boost your memory by doing little changes in your lifestyle.
Our brain is the central part of our body. Thats means its control all of our activity, thinking, speech, skill and learning and one of the most important function in f our brain is storing our data. Its means that is your memory.
In our daily life we have lot of activities and which are most important but we forget very easily. we can not memorise such things. If you are a student, business worker or professional, this post made for you. Here are some points which you need to change in your daily life.

1. Exercise

Women exercise
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Your brain needs blood circulation with enough oxygen supply to function properly. So start doing exercise regularly. Do this at least 15 to 30 minutes per day with regular basis. Wake up in early morning and start doing with fresh air. Your regular exercise habit will build your physical strength and sharp your memory as soon.

2. Meditation

Women meditation
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Meditation is one kind of brain relaxing method. It relax your body physically and mentally which is so important to boost your memory. You should get a time at least 15 minutes for meditation with a silent environment. During your meditation you should not think about your problems. You should keep problems outside on that time.
Meditation not only boost your memory but also give you sweet sleep, decrease your depression and improve your quality of life.
Along with meditation you can listen music which will relax your brain as well. 

3. Challenge your brain

Puzzles, brain game
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Your brain need challenges to improve its quality. Keep new challenges in your daily life with new logic which will start firing neuron. When you will start to solve new challenges or problem, your brain will also start to learn something new. More you challenge more you learn.
To challenge your brain start playing puzzles, quizzes and brain games. Also you can learn new languages, playing a musical instrument, memorising words in a serial, solve maths etc.

4. Stop smoking

Stop smoking notice
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Are you addicted to smoking? If yes, please stop it. Smoking substance contains lots of harmful chemicals which are blocks the blood circulation and neuron pathways and sometimes it may destroy the neurons.
Blockage of neuron pathways decrease your brain functions and also memory. So, stop smoking to sharpen your memory and be a skillful one.

5. Avoid depression

Depressed man
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If you want to boost your memory you should avoid depression, anxiety and stress. According to research depression can leads to memory loss and confusion. Your brain need a relax to think creatively and to solve problems. 

6. Healthy sleep

Women sleeping
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For a healthy adult man needs 6 to 7 hours of sleep. During your sleep time brain gets enough to relax itself. Due to lack of sleep you may feel irritate, anxious, discomfort which also disturb your normal brain functions. A healthy sleep can boost your memory along with physical strength.

7. Reduce your television time

Children watching television
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Research shows that television can make your memory dull. During watching television your brain don't need to think critically which is not really good to boost memory. So, make television time in a limit.
Try to read online magazine, books, something new. Build new habits like gardening, drawing, singing etc.

8. Stay connected with social life

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According to WHO ( World Health Organization ) 'Health Definition' social wellbeing is most important to be healthy. 
When you are free try to communicate with your parents, friends, co-workers which will improve your cognitive function. A good social network helps your brain to explore more new events.

9. Drink enough water

Water glass
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Water maintain fluid balance and metabolic functions throughout your body. Its helps to maintain blood density which improves circulation to the brain. 
Perfectly balanced fluid level can distribute organic and inorganic compounds to the brain which strength the neuron and sharpen your memory.

10. Have healthy diet

Healthy foods
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 A healthy diet helps you to maintain physical fitness along with mental activity. Healthy foods contains lots of chemical which boost your memory.
• Fish - Salmon, saradines and trout fish which are rich in omega-3 fatty acid. Your brain contains enough omega-3 fatty acid which is essential for memory and learning.
• Blueberries - Blueberries contain antioxidant compounds which prevents neurodegenerative diseases.
• Turmeric - Act as antioxidant
• Broccoli - Rich in vitamin k
• Pumpkin seeds - Rich in iron, zinc, copper and magnesium.
• Nuts - Antioxidant and contains vitamin E which protect from radical damage.
• Oranges - Rich in vitamin C and protect from Alzheimer's disease.
• Eggs - Good souce of vitamins B6 and B12