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Sunday, August 30, 2020

Nursing Research and Characteristics of a Good Research

Nursing Research and Characteristics of a Good Research
Image Source - Pixabay

Characteristics of a Good Nursing Research

Nursing is considered one of the oldest arts, get finding a place among the youngest of professions. It is an involving profession, which needs a continuously growing and expanding body of knowledge, which can be developed only through the research techniques.
Research is one of the ways in which knowledge can be generated and discipline can maintain its professional status and growth.
Moreover, research provides a strong foundation on which nurses can practice and develop nursing knowledge and get up to date information.

What is the meaning of Research?

The research comes from the French word "recerche" which means to search again.
Re - again, once again, a new, a fresh.
Search - look after something or examine closely.
Research means a careful search investigation or a systemic investigation towards increasing the sum of knowledge.
Research is a matter of raising the question and then trying to find the answer.

Every year new products, new facts, new concepts and a new way of doing things come into over lives to the ever-increasing significant, research in the physical, biological, social and psychological fields.

Nursing Research and Characteristics of a Good Research
Image Source - Pixabay

Why need Nursing Research?

1. To develop, refine and extend the scientific base of knowledge which is required for quality nursing care, education and administration.
2. Enhance the body of professional knowledge in nursing.
3. Provide a foundation for evidence-based nursing practice.
4. Help in the expansion of knowledge, which is essential for the continued growth of the nursing profession.
5. Enhance their professional identity as research is an essential component of any profession.
6. To define the parameters of nursing, which will help nurses to identify boundaries of the nursing profession.
7. To refine and eliminate old knowledge.
8. To the difference in health care status of individual and cost-effective.
9. Enhance the accuracy of different nursing Educational and administrative techniques.
10. To develop and refine nursing theories and principles.
11. To solve the problems or answer the questions related to nursing practice, nursing education and nursing administration.
12. To identify the role of a nurse in changing society.
13. To fill the gaps in knowledge and practice.

What are the characteristics of good research?

Nursing Research and Characteristics of a Good Research
Image Source - Pixabay

The research employs scientific methods. Good research must include some essential characteristics such as scientific, evidence-based, replicable and systematic.
However, good research must satisfy the following criteria -

1. Generation of knowledge
2. Problem-solving
3. Accuracy
4. Empirical
5. Originality
6. Logical
7. Replicable
8. Theory development
9. Appropriate methodology
10. Conducted on a representative sample
11. Good tools
12. Recording and reporting
13. Research findings must be available to other scholars
14. Patience

1. Generation of knowledge -

The main purpose of the research is to develop new knowledge or refine existing professional knowledge.
Therefore good research is always directed towards the development of professional knowledge which is valid.

2. Problem-solving -

Finding answers or solutions to the professional problem is another important purpose. Therefore, good research always focuses on finds or searches for the answers or solutions to professional problems. 

3. Accuracy -

Research activity is incomplete and poor until gathered data is adequately and appropriately analysed using a standardized and accepted method of data analysis.

4. Empirical -

Another important purpose of the research is to generate empirical evidence, which can be used for good research and always strives to develop empirical evidence.

5. Originality -

Research is based on current professional issues which are original. Solving and finding out answer of current issues is one of the important and essential purposes of research. Therefore good research must be performed on a current professional problem so that the problem can be solved and up to date. 

6. Logical -

Research information collected through subjective means or in a difficult manner will never lead to satisfactory results. Therefore, good research always emphasizes on the logical system and objective means.

7. Replicable -

The research can be done in exactly the same way as before or produced again to be exactly the same as before. It is always stressed that scientific results must be replicable in order to valid.

Nursing Research and Characteristics of a Good Research
Image Source - Pixabay

8. Theory development - 

The development and testing is a systematic process of enquiry in a discipline. Therefore, only research can make it possible to develop or test q theory.

9. Appropriate methodology -

Selection of a methodology in any research depends on several factors because each variable and research have unique features. Therefore, good research always employs the most appropriate and suitable methodology.

10. Conduct on the representative sample -

The generalisation of research findings is only possible if the study is conducted on a sample which has characteristics similar to the population of the study. Therefore, good research is considered or represented sample.

11. Good tools -

Evidence generated from a research activity can only be considered valuable if they are generated through valid and reliable research tool. Therefore, good research always depends on the validity and reliability of research tools.

12. Recording and reporting -

To generate quality empirical evidence, it is essential to carry out recording and reporting very successfully. Research can be considered good if research information is carefully recorded and reported.

13. Research findings must be available to other scholars -

Research can not be good until the research founding or result is adequately available to its users and other scholars. Therefore, a good research activity strives to make available research findings to other scholars also as widely as possible.

14. Patience -

Research needs a lot of time to solve problems or find out an accurate answer. It cannot be completed in a hurry because it may lead to mistakes. Therefore, patience and endurance are the foundations of good research.

# Other characteristics -

   • Orderly and systematic process
   • Begin with the clearly defined process
   • Solving or finding out an answer to issues.
   • Collecting first-hand data for the valid outcome.
   • Adequately and appropriately analysed research.