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10 Ways to Get Promotion in Nursing - Nurses Class

10 Ways to Get Promotion in Nursing
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Do you want to change your nursing career level? If yes, it's the best time to upgrade yourself. At first focus on your nursing job. Improve nursing knowledge and skill and make it impressive to all staffs, officers and patients. Never stuck on your job rather than make it more challenging, interesting and progressive.

Here are some tips for you to get promotion in nursing career. Now be ready to achieve your dream position of nursing job by following these methods.

1. Don't wait to move on from present level -

If you are thinking to promote your nursing career level, start to apply it without over thinking. You may have lot of questions on it such as "how will I do it?" "is it possible for me?". Don't think about these. Just believe that you can promote yourself.

   • At the first prepare yourself mentally strong - To do something great you have to be strong enough from mentally. You cannot achieve a goal untill you have strong decision in your mind.
   • Stop over thinking about your negative sites - Over thinking is the common barrier to stop you from promotions. It builds a strong wall to block your future plans and also arises the fear of failure. You must think and analyse your plans but stop over thinking.
   • Focus on positive opportunities - Before step out from present level, list down positive opportunities of the future goal which will always motivate you.
   • Set a permanent goal to achieve it - Don't start your journey without any fixed goal because you may lose your direction in the middle of the career life. Fixed your goal and prepare yourself to achieve it.
   • Believe and motivate yourself even though facing problems - In your nursing career you may feel difficulties and problems but don't bother about that. Make some short term goals and achieve it which will motivate you.

2. Join again to school and college -

To get higher position of your career, you need to get a higher degree or certification. Now a days career life is more competitive and you have to overcome it by getting higher degree from institutions. Higher degree is the key of every higher position.

Most of the hospitals want higher educated employees. Even you can realise it before filling any job vacancy forms. Hospital management will ask you about your higher degree and qualifications. That means they will judge if you are eligible for the job or not.

So, start again with a new degree. A higher degree not only gives opportunities but also teaches you new skills. I'm assuring that your higher degree and skills lift you up to the higher position.

3. Be passionate about your career -

If you want success in your nursing career, you have to be passionate for it. It's true that you cannot achieve a great goal unless you do your work with interest. You will feel difficulties and problems because of your job, then think how you can achieve goals and how you can get promotions.

Always remember that nursing profession is not just a simple job. You need a kind heart to feel patient's problems, understand their pain and help them. Patients need you to take care of them and to support them. Think for the patients and take an oath to be a perfect nurse by serving care for them.

4. Improve communication skill -

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A perfect communication skill makes you more impressive. Improve your communication skill which helps you to deal with patients, staffs, doctors and other peoples.

You should be able to communicate with perfect manner, clearly and skillfully. So that you can lead a team, instruct the staffs and teach the patients. You need a great communication skill especially when you managing a whole team or you want to manage it.

   Follow these steps to improve your communication skill.
   • Speak clearly with appropriate facial expression and eye contact.
   • Simplify the speaking words which easily understandable to the listener.
   • To become an expert communicator you have to listen carefully and attentively to others.
   • Show respect to your listeners.
   • Be confidential and expert about the topic which you want to communicate with someone.
I hope these steps will give you enough confidence to speak fearlessly and you will be able to take attentions of the people. But remember that you have practice it day by day.

5. Become a team member -

A team work can raise up your impressions. Your team get success means that is your success, your rank will go forward. According to reports perfect team works are more effective and have more chances to get success in critical conditions.

Participate in a team and play an active role. Learn from your team members and teach them some new skills. Make a collaboration between each other. Try to do some extra activities and duties in your team.

   • Be flexible according to team activities and orders.
   • Take an active role in the team and suggest your opinion according to situations.
   • Be a responsible team player by completing the task as soon as possible.
   • As a team member you should always be ready to help in team works.
   • Support and motivate other team players, along with this help them actively when the need.

6. Seek for more opportunities -

Get involved in more events of hospital. Take a role as a volunteer to lead some events. It is a good opportunity for you to hire yourself.

Apart from that spend more time for your patient's treatment. Talk with them, ask for their problems, maintain a good nurse patient relationship.

Also get more involved with your coworkers, staffs and doctors. Communicate with them, learn from them and if you have doubts clarify with them. Ask to them how you can help in their works.

7. Take career guide -

Before making a plan take help from a career guider who knows the best regarding this profession. The guider will show you the way, give you best options to choose.

   • Take career guide from a person who is in a higher position in the profession.
   • Tell your positive and negative sites and ask them for the best way to choose.
   • Before choosing the career promotion ask the guider about the requirements for the job.
   • Refer from online resources and find out more career opportunities related to your profession.

Career guidance is very important to choose the suitable job. It will be a map for you which gives you the direction to follow.

8. Set up a career plan -

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Before looking for promotion you should set up a career plan according to your degree and certifications. Career plan should be perfect and make it very carefully.

   • Assess yourself and your career field. Check for suitable position based on your degree.
   • Make comparison between related degree courses, skills and opportunities for future.
   • If there are more options, choose the option which you like and have interest to do.
   • Set short term goal and long term goal in your plan.
   • Create an action plan which you going to do step by step.
   • Take help from your career advisor during plan chart set up.

9. Be impressive -

If competition is more, you have to be impressive to all the higher authority and staffs. So, that they can remember you for the promotion.

   Few ways to become impressive :
   • Be active and do something more than your duty.
   • Communicate respectively with seniors staffs and doctors.
   • Be involved in more events and programs.
   • Try to complete your task without any failure.
   • Take some responsibilities and duties.
   • Seek for learning new from others and ask for skills and information.

Your impressions should make a stamp to higher authority so that they can promote you.
 Always be responsible to your job. Don't focus on promotion but focus on your duties and responsibilities.

10. Don't be hurry for promotion -

The most common mistake is being hurry to get the results. I am telling you don't do this mistake. Work hard for your achievements because your achievements will promote you in nursing career. Respect your works and focus on it rather than focus on only promotion. If you are suitable for the higher level, sure you will get higher position.

Keep yourself calm and motivated. As a nurse you may get stress but don't feel anxiety.  Just relax yourself and focus on your goal.
Every day spend a little time for exercise and meditation which will help you avoid stress and anxiety.

At last I wish you all the best for your successful career life.  Never forget that you are a nurse and your responsibility is to give care with a kind heart.