15 Study Tips For Nursing School and College - Nurses Class

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Are you a nursing student? If yes, this article specially for you. This article has some important tips for you to make you successful in your bright career life. 

Students need lot of practice, regularity, planning and effort for nursing school and college as it is more challenging. As a nursing student, you have to believe on yourself that you can overcome this challenge. From the beginning of your nursing school you have to maintain some habits and strategies. Here are some important study tips for you to achieve your goals.

1. Focus on your aim -

Make a promise to yourself and set aim which you want to achieve. Nursing education is stressful but skip these stressful situations and focus on your aim. Always focus on positive way and remember that you are going to serve your care who need you. As a nursing student your primary aim should be to present yourself as a registered nurse.
To achieve your aim you need a planned life. Your planning will give directions toward successful. Your life should be build around your studies.

2. Make a proper planning -

Without a planning you can not do your best. Your planning will be based on priorities and goals. Nursing course has huge syllabus along with practicals, assignments, care plans, clinical practice, tests and other curriculums. Now think how difficult to manage timing to complete the tasks before deadlines and to get good score in tests.
To manage timing make a proper planning. Get a diary and list down your daily tasks and events according to date. Write down assignments deadline, lessons completed, targets to complete lesson. After that select a specific time to prepare for daily classes, writing assignments and studying for class tests and exams.
Once you prepare your planning, start to study according to planning schedule. Complete your tasks before deadline which makes you motivated and give you enough time to study without stress.

3. Attend each and every class -

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The most important and primary source of your learning is each and every class. 
The explanations from the teacher's are very important to understand the chapters. You can make a short notes and note down important points, questions for exams. By attending every class you will be able to complete the syllabus without extra stress and also it makes a habit to concentrate on your study regularly.
Remember that according to research approximately 60% of learning you gather from hearing the classes carefully.

4. Study actively and effectively -

Nursing is a professional course and your learning will help in taking care of patients. So, you have to learn a lot of procedures and skills from your nursing course.
When you read books or notes, analyze the topic and think how you can implement it for patients. Find out problems and solutions which will make you to think deeply.
Take a guide from class discussion. Note down important questions and solutions, highlight and underline important points. Along with these use external resources such as online searching, library.
Effectively learning helps you to pass competitive exams, solve critical problems and give reliable care.

5. Complete tasks without delay -

You may feel that you have a lot of time to do the tasks but it's true that time will run away unknowingly. Before the deadline you will feel  a lot of stress to complete tasks and you may think to postpone it. Because of your delaying to do the tasks you won't get enough time to study at the end.
So, complete your tasks before the deadline and never skip any tasks. Make a good habit to use times according to situations.

6. Study each and every day -

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Nursing course has a huge curriculum. You need continuous effort to complete it. You cannot drag a week's study for few hours to complete it. Spend at least few hours for your study. Without any delay try to complete your tasks using regular study time. If you are feeling boring to study for a long time, divide study time in several smaller segments. 
Regular study time will help you to focus on your goals to achieve it. Start to continue regular study, I assure you that you will increase your level than present.

7. Note down important points -

It is not possible to memorize the whole chapters or lecture classes. But understanding and memorizing are very essential for the nursing study. For this you can note down the important topic or points, underline and highlight them in books or notebooks. Make flashcards, mnemonics, charts of important points and paste them near your study table. These will help you remember the points repeatedly and you won't forget them. 

8. Think for implementation -

Nursing study is the combination of both theory and practical. That means you have to implement your study into action in clinical field. Whenever you study, try to underline the topics and think how you can implement it. 
Always remember that your nursing study should help a patient during care giving. Your implementing thoughts will prepare you for nursing exams and make you a skillful nurse.

9. Refer from external sources -

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Your textbooks and class notes cannot be the whole study source for nursing study. Nursing study has various procedures, anatomical structures, physiological processes, nursing research, disease conditions etc. and you should understand them step by step with a clear concept.
Along with textbooks you should refer online images, articles, videos from trusted sources to complete the learning. Refer from another author's textbooks, flowcharts, graphics etc.
As audiovisual methods are more effective for learning, you should refer from it. This method creates images in the brain and helps you to remember the learning for a long period.

10. Form a supportive study group -

A supportive study group is essential for the students. So, start conversation with your fellow nursing students, make friendship with them. They will be only ones who can understand your problems and help each others in needs.
Start doing assignments, make quizzes, discuss your study problems with them. They will be your motivation and support.
You can also make a support network with teachers and registered nurses. Approach to them and discuss your study problems.

11. Use additional learning activities -

Only reading textbooks and notes are not enough to get more score for nursing study. Use some additional activities such as making quizzes, solving competitive nursing exam papers, reviewing the nursing articles, make mnemonics to easily memorize, draw important medical instruments, list down common medical abbreviation.
Along with these use images, videos and flowcharts from online for your better understanding the anatomy, physiology, procedures, diseases conditions and identify the medical instruments.

12. Recall your study notes -

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Getting a good score in nursing exam is not so easy because it has a huge syllabus and you have to memorize it correctly. But memorizing is not so difficult if you follow this tips.
Whatever you studied till now of this session, start a quick review of your past notes. This will store again your past learning data to brain. When you do this method repeatedly, brain stores the data for longer periods. Recall your past study notes once in a week or at least once in a month for all the subjects.

13. Keep yourself healthy -

You started your life to be a health care professional but don't forget to keep yourself healthy. A healthy lifestyle boosts your learning skills and makes your brain more sharpen.
Start regular exercise, avoid depression, sleep enough and have healthy foods. Always remember that enough sleeping is very important to keep you healthy and to boost your memory power.

14. Take breaks between study hours -

When you are studying for a longer time, you may feel boring and lose interest which decrease your assumption power. Try to take breaks between your study so that you can feel relax. Taking a short break increases again your information retention strength.

15. Reward yourself -

Yes, it is amazing but you have to reward yourself. Rewards are functions as a motivation. When you planned for study or target to get high score in exams, try to achieved it. If you get success on your target, gift something to you whatever you want. Reward may be some special foods, roaming a special place or whatever you wish. It gives an extra motivation to fulfill your target and makes a good habit to achieve every goals of your life.