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Monday, August 17, 2020

Effective Tips for New Nurses to Avoid Feeling Overwhelmed and Overworked

Effective Tips for New Nurses to Avoid Feeling Overwhelmed and Overworked
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Nursing is very stressful job and feeling overwhelmed and overworked is common for the nurses. Specially for the new nurses, when they start a job as a staff nurse, feel so much difficulties to get adapt to his/her duties.

Overworked can make you demotivate and more irritate for your regular job duty. Because of this, you may lose controlling anger, peacefulness, goals of an ideal nurse, strength. It is more important to manage yourself to avoid the feeling of overworked. If you can manage to avoid it, you will feel that nursing is your dream job and you are really happy for your job.

Here are some best and effective tips to avoid feeling overworked and overwhelmed.

1. Get prepared for the job -

If you are not prepared for a task and you just do it, you will feel more confusion. After doing your task, you will think that may be my task is not completed properly. 

Confusion of the task can make you more stressful and overwhelmed. So, it is necessary to clear your confusion and you should complete your task with full confidence. 

After completing your nursing course, you may not remember all the procedures step by step. So, review your notes, refer some books and be prepare for the task. The more you get prepared, the more you get confidence.

2. Be relax -

Be relax, it is one of the best method to avoid stress. Are you becoming too much of stressful and feeling unhappy? If yes, you need a break to relax yourself. 

Try to take a short break, when you are feeling burnt out. Speak for a while with your co-workers or loved one, have some snacks, take some deep breathe.

It is necessary to take breaks, working for a longer time can make you stressful, irritate, unhappy and demotivate.

3. Never give up -

Working as a staff nurse is too challenging specially for the new nurses. As a new nurse, you have to adapt with a new environment, job duties and responsibilities. Sometimes it becomes too much to handle the situation and new nurses quit the job.

If you are feeling the same, I suggest you to continue your job. Don't give up too frequently. It is common for the every new staffs but you have to adapt with that. It may take upto several months to become comfortable with the new hospital environment. 

Try to make communicate with your staffs, make friendship with them, share your problems, take guides from them. It provides you motivation in your job. I'm telling you that you'll feel comfortable very soon. 

4. Know your ability -

When you are joining as a new staff nurse, you can see that other nurses are doing their task so comfortably and quickly but you cannot. Actually they are experienced nurses but you are just started your job, you cannot compare with them. 

Don't think that you are slow, you cannot complete your task quickly. Avoid these kinds of thought, it will demotivate you frequently. Instead of this, try to know your ability, try to do your task perfectly. 

For a beginner, it doesn't mean that he/she slow but do your task correctly. After that based on your experience one day you will be able to complete your task quickly.

5. Choose where you comfortable -

Nursing is a flexible job, that's mean you have lot of opportunities to choose. If you like to work in a hospital, you can choose specialty according to interest. You can choose pediatrics, cardiac, orthopaedic, obstetrics and much more.

But if you don't like to work in a hospital, you can choose lot of alternative career choices for nurses. You can become a nurse educator, community nurse, home health care nurse, telemedicine nurse and much more. 

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Nursing profession is a calling for the some nurses and you have feel that calling. If you are really interested to the nursing care job, you will be comfortable even though it is challenging.

Few Tips for Daily Habit to Avoid Feeling of Overworked

1. Be active - Your daily lifestyle must be active. You should maintain daily exercise, meditation and involve in some home works.

2. Have healthy meals - In your daily life, you have to be healthy by having healthy meals. Your meals must have green and fresh vegetables, fruits, protein rich foods, sea food.

3. Recreation - To avoid stress and irritation, you must involve in recreation facilities. Roaming outside for while, watching tv, listening music and doing your favourite tasks.

4. Sleeping - Sleeping has an important role in your mood. Alteration in sleeping can disturb your mood. So, take adequate time for sleeping.