Friday, December 29, 2023

Why Nursing is a Good Career?

why nursing is a good career
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You may have question "why nursing is a good career?", I'm telling you that nursing career has high demand, lot of opportunities, high salary, flexibility and career stability comparing to other careers. It is a high demanding professional career at present and upcoming days. Along with these you can choose your preferred job directions, that means it is more flexible for you.

Now a days a good careers are really too competitive and it is difficult to choose a suitable career. A good career should have more opportunities, high salary, flexibility, respective and satisfaction. So, choose your career comparing these points.

Based on above points, nursing is more demanding job. You may choose another job based on your interest and situations. However, every job has some negative and unpleasant situations. If you have interest for nursing career, I'm giving you some realistic reason to choose it as your career. 

1. Various opportunities -

Nursing has various opportunities based on your degree and experience. You can choose your preferred specialty in nursing after few years or experience.
   • Pediatric nurse - It is specialized nursing specialty for the children. Pediatric nurse should have knowledge of vaccination, childhood diseases, medication dosing and child health promotion. You can take care of children who are sick and well.
   • Psychiatric nurse - It is specialty for the taking care of mentally illness patients. Nurses helps the patients to improve their mental health.
   • Neurological nurse - Nurses works for the patients who have suffering from any neurological disorders or undergone any neurological surgery.
   • Oncology nurse - Nurses gives cares for the cancer patients. To become a oncology nurse, you have to be well trained and experienced on oncology studies.
   • OT nurse - Nurses who works for patients who are undergoing any surgical procedure. They prepare the patients before surgery, assist in ongoing surgery and during the recovery period.
   • Obstetric nurse - Nurses deals with the pregnant women. Nurses helps them to delivery, gives support and teach them about child care.
   • Hospice nurse - Nurses deal with the patients who are near death. Nurses provides support and care to patients and their families.
   • ICU nurse - Nurses deal with the patients who are in critical condition and need continuous supportive care.
   • Apart from these, you have an opportunities to become ambulatory nurse, emergency room nurse, home care nurse, cardiac nurse, teacher of nursing school or college and much more.

2. High demand - 

Nursing is a highly demanded health care profession throughout the world. Along with the population growth, the needs of health care professional also increasing rapidly.
   • Now a days we are more conscious about our health and we need a support from health care professionals. Comparing to other health care professional nurses are spending more time to take care to patients. But nurses team members are not available enough to fulfill the requirement levels. So, it is the best time to choose nursing career.
   • Governments are focusing on rural health care programmes. Rural communities need lot of nurses as a part of rural health development. Nurses will administer vaccine, provide care to pregnant women and children, teach them about disease conditions and prevention methods.
   • Apart from the hospitals, nurses are involving in day care centers, nursing homes, home health care, hospices, old age care centers, hospitals management and so on.
High demand of nursing career can give you a better way.

Choosing a demanding career makes you more demanding. Nursing has the high demanding characteristic which may be suitable and secure for you.

3. Nursing jobs are more stable and secure -

Nursing fields provide more economical stability and have enough ways to promote nursing career.
   • Nursing jobs provide you a permanent settlement without any replacement.
   • It provides high range of salary based on your degree and experience.
   • It provides an access to health care insurances.

4. Nurses can promote their career -

Everyone want to promote yourself in their career. But some careers have no choice to get promotion or uncommon to get promotion. If you want to achieve a higher goal in career, you may choose nursing as your career.

Nursing has lot of team works and various specialty. That means there is vacancy for the higher level. Every specialty is an opportunity to achieve them. Even you have an chance to become a leader to manage your nursing team.

For example, if you are staff nurse of a hospital at present, it's not means that you have to be a staff nurse throughout your career life. You promote yourself at any time by achieving experience and special courses.
Apart from this, if don't want to become a hospital nurse, you may choose another options such as nursing school or college teacher and hospital management.

The opportunities to get promotion is most important characteristics of a good career and you can find it in nursing career. The promotions in nursing career make you satisfied.

5. High salary -

Everyone wants to get high salary from their jobs but some cases it is possible to gain. Nursing jobs can give you high salary based on your courses and experiences.

After completing your basic nursing course or graduation you may join as a staff nurse. As soon as you gather experience and higher course, you salary level will also start to increase competitively. The nurses salary different in each specialty and duration of experience.

If you want high range of salary, you have to go for a special and high demanding nursing course. The average salary of a U.S. nurse is as follows -

   • Nurse Anesthetists - $181,040 per year
   • Nurse Practitioners - $110,840 per year
   • Nurse Midwives - $108,810 per year
   • Registered Nurses - $77,460 per year
   • Nurse Assistants - $30,736 per year

6. Opportunity for abroad jobs -

Nursing is a high demanding heath care career throughout the world. If have a dream for abroad, you can choose nursing career. To go abroad for nursing jobs you have achieve special courses, experience and pass some exams. It's not easy to go abroad but if you are passionate about it, I'm telling you that you can achieve it.

In abroad you will get high salary and respect also. The average salary level differ from each country.
   • Iceland - $87,635 per year
   • United States - $74,250 per year
   • Australia - $72,271 per year
   • Norway - $66,647 per year
   • UAE - $65,995 per year

7. Nurses get respect -

Nursing is a care giving career to patients. To become a perfect nurse you have to be kind hearted, polite and supportive. Nurses are the only one who are giving continuous care to the patients from closely. They are taking care of the patients as their family members. 

Nurses get respects from the patients and their families because of health care team member and a kind hearted professional. The patients can feel the needs of a nurse.

According to the survey of Varkey Foundation of 2018, nursing is the sixth respected job throughout the world.

8. Opportunity to become a leader -

Leadership is very important for nursing team works. The leader has the responsibility to guide the whole nursing team works. A skillful leader can gain highest achievements in team works.

Nursing career provides various opportunities to do leadership. Based on your experience you can get a chance to lead a whole nursing team. As leader will be communicator between administration of the hospital and staff nurses.

Comparing to other career, nursing has more chances to get a leadership. But it need experience and leadership skill to run a whole team.

9. Nursing is a collaborative team work -

The health care system is a collaborative team work along with nursing department. When you are working, your whole team along with you for supporting. Team members help you to learn the skill, discuss with your about workplace problems and how you can overcome it. Your team will be your motivation to works actively.
collaborative team works are more effective and it is available for nursing career. In the nursing career team members will help you when need support and guidance.

10. Nursing skill useful for outside of workplace -

Nursing skills are always useful, no matter you are at workplace or not. You can use nursing skill in emergency cases at you home or outsides. 

Nurses are well trained about First Aid, giving heath related advice and in emergency. So, they can quickly response in emergencies such as heart attack, burns, injuries, epileptic fits, providing CPR and much more. Your nursing skill can save your family and other people's life in emergency.