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Growth and development ppt free download nursing notes. Growth and development ppt includes definition, principles, factors affecting, theories, stages and role of a nurse.
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Growth and Development PPT: Nursing Notes PPT Download

Growth and development ppt contains the following topics:

• Growth and development definition
• Principles of growth and development
• Factors affecting growth and development
• Theories of growth and development
• Stages of growth and development
• Growth and development milestones
• Role of nurse in growth and development
• Different between growth and development

Growth and Development PPT | PPT Download, definition, principles, stages

Growth and Development Definition:

  • Growth is the process of physical maturation that results in an increase in body size and organ size. It is caused by cell multiplication and an increase in intracellular substances. It refers to quantitative changes in the body.
  • Development is the process of an individual's functional and physiological maturation. It is a gradual improvement in skill and capacity to function. It is associated with nervous system maturation and myelination. It encompasses psychological, emotional, and social transformations. It is about the qualitative aspects.

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