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Sunday, July 26, 2020

15 Ways to Overcome Exam Anxiety

15 Ways to Overcome Exam Anxiety
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Exam anxiety is the most common problem for the students before the exam and during the exam. A little nervousness is good for the exam which helps you to focus on the exam. But feelings of fear, anxiety, loss of confidence and disturbed focus can decrease your performance during the exam and it is known as exam anxiety. 

If your exam anxiety level is moderate and severe, it is really a bad situation during the exam, it creates a blockage to recall your memory and makes a feelings of blank mind. In this stressful situation you may forget the answers and you may loss the focus on exam.

Here are some best tips for you to overcome exam anxiety before and during the exam.

Exam Anxiety Overcome Tips Before The Exam

1. Prepare yourself before the exam -

Before the exam you have to prepare yourself very well to avoid the exam anxiety by studying effectively. If you are not prepare enough for the exam, it is obviously a stressful situation.
 So, try to do your best for the exam preparation. When you get exam schedule, start regular study instead of over thinking about the exam. Here are some helpful plans for you to prepare for exam.

   • As soon as you a get an exam schedule, make a study time table according to your choice. The total study time will be according to your need, but I'll prefer to spend more time for the exam preparation.
   • Remember that disorganization makes more panic. So, before starting the exam study, arrange your class notes, important question sets, assignments, study aids and reference books properly. It will help you to spend most of the time for study instead of spending time for searching a note frequently.
   • Make a habit of studying regularly according to the schedule. Study your past notes properly which will help you to recall your memory. Follow important questions and answers.
   • Take some breaks during your study times. Studying for a longer period can decrease your interest level. So, don't study for a longer period without interest because lack of interest can decrease your brain's consumption capacity. Take at least 10 minutes break and do some activities, watch TV, walk for a while, take rest.

2. Think positive and realistic -

Most of the people thoughts negative when they suffer from anxiety. You may also get thoughts of failure. These types thoughts produce severe anxiety. So, change your thought patterns and think some positive.

   • Think in realistic way, that means analyse yourself to overcome negative thoughts. You cannot think negatively because you prepared well for the exams and it is enough for your exam. Also think about your past good marks which you scored in exams, it proves that your are really good on that subject. So, as a good student, you should not think negative. Just focus on your study and write your exams.
   • Make a study record book where you should note down how long you studied and how many lessons you completed. These records will provide you motivation and positive thoughts because you can realise that your are preparing well for the exam. It is an effective way to get satisfaction and motivation.
   • Think yourself smart and hard worker by doing your best efforts. Before the exam, you should study effectively, prepare well and speak yourself that I did my best for the exam and I'll achieve high score because of it.

3. Do exercise and stay active -

15 Ways to Overcome Exam Anxiety
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Regular exercise and physical activity are the best method to reduce anxiety and stress. It will distract your mind from the exam anxiety and helps your brain to get relax. Along with these, during physical activity and exercise release endorphins which refresh your mood.

There are several activities which you can do to reduce anxiety. Such as -
   • Walking in the early morning
   • Doing some exercise
   • Playing sports
   • Doing some works in home.
   • Running for a while
   • Swimming

Studying for a longer time makes you boring and your brain also gets tired. Physical activity works as a booster for your brain.

4. Have healthy meals -

Before the exam, when you study a lot, thinking deeply, feeling anxiety and stress, your brain need some extra energy to function actively. Having a healthy and proper meal provides that required energy to the brain and your body.

But most of the students do mistake by skipping the meals before the exam preparation periods. Anxiety and stress are common problem but you should not skip any meals because hunger increases anxiety and decreases the nutrients supply to the brain.

   • Start your day with a healthy food and have meals at least three times a day.
   • Eat grain, fresh fruits, vegetables.
   • Eat sea fishes (Salmon). It contains omega-3 fatty acids which boost your memory
   • Avoid high sugar rich foods and drinks which can increase your anxiety.

5. Get enough sleep -

To decrease anxiety, brain needs rest and relaxation. Enough sleeping provides rest to the brain. You should maintain 7 hours of sleeping time regularly.

6. Start meditation -

15 Ways to Overcome Exam Anxiety
Image Source - Pixabay
Meditation is an effective method to relax your mind and body. To avoid anxiety and relax yourself do meditation. Fix a schedule for the meditation. 

Meditation not only relax your body but also increase your thinking capacity. It makes a habit to stay relax during anxiety. Studying in a relaxed mind is more effective than anxious.

7. Avoid anxiety generating discussion -

Yes, you should avoid such kind of discussion with your friends which may generate anxiety. This type of discussion makes more anxiety and fear. So, discuss about positive thoughts instead of anxious and fearful discussion.

If you friends are generating anxiety and discussing about exam anxiety, you should not join with them, try to avoid them. It doesn't mean that you stop talking with them but you should avoid such anxious discussion because you may lose your self confidence because of their anxious and fearful discussion.

Exam Anxiety Overcome Tips During The Exam

8. Arrive early to the exam centre -

To avoid an extra anxiety, you should arrive early to the exam centre. Before the exam you should not be late and don't rush to reach the exam centre. It increases anxiety so much. So, on the exam day, be prepared as soon as possible and reach the exam centre at least 10 minutes before the exam. 

If you feeling anxious during the waiting time, keep your mind diverted and speak positive statements to yourself.

9. Keep focus on the test -

15 Ways to Overcome Exam Anxiety
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During the exam time, you should not think about your exam results, how others are writing or negative thoughts. These types of thoughts can distract your mind.

Take few deep breathe and just focus on the test. Only think about the question which you going to attempt and start writing.

10. Try to adapt with a little anxiety -

Moderate and severe anxiety can makes you stressful and fearful but a little anxiety is really good for the exam. A little nervousness works as a motivation and you will feel to do your best in the test. It gives a thought in your mind that anyhow you have to do your best in exam and you can do it.

11. Take deep breathe -

During your exam, if you feel anxious, lose concentration, cannot remember the answers or cannot start the answer, just take few deep breathe and relax yourself. After taking few breathe you will feel better and then start writing again.

12. Follow exam timing - 

Write your answers by following the exam timing. You should not take a longer time or you should not be too hurry to write the answers. Divide your timing according to question marks during your exam preparation and just follow the same. 

13. Read the instructions very carefully -

You should not forget to read the instructions of your exam papers. It is common to skip reading of instructions if you are feeling anxious. So, relax yourself and read the instructions carefully before starting the exam.

14. Stay focused on the question -

15 Ways to Overcome Exam Anxiety
Image Source - Pixabay
Don't get distract frequently. Always stay focused on the question which you going to attempt. Read the question carefully and think shortly about how you are going to write. Even when you writing one answer, you should not focus on another. It makes distraction and generate anxiety.

15. Skip and attempt to next -

If you get a question which you cannot write just skip it and attempt the next question. You should not stuck on the same question, it can increase anxiety and waste your exam time.